Fred Hall Shows Get Rebranded Name, New Dates For 2023

Covid concerns prompted a couple years of cancelations for Southern California popular Fred Hall Shows. But the shows must go on, and 2023 dates have been announced, with a new name. Shows patriarch Fred Hall’s son Bart has been the showrunner in recent years, and despite some reluctance on his behalf, the shows will have a rebranded name, the Bart Hall Shows.

Here’s more from the show’s website on the name change:

Hundreds of people have spoken with Bart Hall over recent years and encouraged him to continue his work under his own name. Because of Bart’s desire to honor his father he was reluctant to make the change. Now, however, seems like a good time to still honor the 74 years the Hall family has been producing shows and yet make a fresh start.

And here’s the info on the 2023 dates, with a new boat show set for Pomona:

The Bart Hall Shows will be honoring the 75th year of producing shows for our friends and colleagues. This is the first of what we hope will be another seven decades of shows. The Bart Hall Shows will begin at the Del Mar Fairgrounds February 16-19 and continue at the Long Beach Convention Center March 29-April 2 in 2023. 

Bart Hall’s Boat Show is also set to debut from Jan. 20-22 at the Pomona Fairgrounds. Go to for more information.