Fred Hall Shows A Valuable Resource For Hunters

Photos courtesy of Fred Hall

Happy Fred Hall Shows day, Long Beach. The five-day event begins today and runs through Sunday (stop by our California Sportsman booth No. 114). Our friends at the show – let by owner Bart Hall – wanted to let visitors know that there is plenty of space devoted to hunting along with fishing and other activities at this and all the other Fred Hall Shows.

So check our Bart’s piece that’s running in our March issue:

By Bart Hall 

Did you know that at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show, the world’s largest fishing show, you could find a place to hunt for just about any species on Earth? That’s right: hunt at a fishing show. 

According to the surveys that we conduct, most of the attendees at a Fred Hall Show are hunters as well as anglers. And that’s a good thing, because as hunting is represented at all of the Fred Hall Shows, it’s represented in a big way at the Long Beach show, which is March 7-11 at the Long Beach Convention Center. 

You can find folks who will help you with elk hunting, whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, duck hunting, quail hunting, pheasant hunting, dove hunting, goose hunting, wild boar hunting, and even more kinds of hunting. You can find places to hunt all over North and South America and even Africa and New Zealand.

There are over 60 booths dedicated to hunting and the shooting sports. Most of them are located in the part of the main exhibit hall, where the giant Turner’s Outdoorsman display is located. Turner’s will be displaying firearms again this year and will expand that display to the Fred Hall Del Mar Show (March 22-25). The Turner’s stores are out to prove that they are your one-stop hunting and fishing locations in California. 

Also displaying guns and some very impressive mounts is the Oak Tree Gun Club (661-259-7441; oaktreegunclub
 which is one of the most impressive gun ranges in the country. Their pistol range reminds me of an old-time shooting gallery. Of course, the trap and skeet ranges are great, but the thing that blows me away is the sporting clay range. This unbelievable range is set in a natural California oak tree grove with some of the best shooting stations I’ve ever seen. 

Some of the machines that throw the clays are diabolical and extremely fun. Oak Tree will also have information on some great hunting and fishing lodges in their booth, including some African destinations. They’re one of several African outfitters at the show.


A permanent staff of five produces the Fred Hall Shows, featuring Mike Lum, Tim Baker, Katie Hall, Ginny Hall, and myself. We are ably assisted by Dave and Barbie Mandagie, Eric McCauley, Billy and Hunter Trevarainus, Rick Gaskins, Jay Settle, and others. 

All of us hunt or shoot. Mike and Tim each shot elk over the last two years. Our ringtone for Tim is a duck call, because during duck season he’s in a blind somewhere.

The Hall family loves to gather for hunts as well. (Photo by Bart Hall)


So come on down to a Fred Hall Show and talk to some great hunting lodge owners. The variety is amazing and I’m sure you’ll find something you like. You can’t buy guns at Turner’s Outdoorsman or Oak Tree while at the show, but you can compare different firearms and leave a deposit to lock in a show special.

The Fred Hall Shows are the biggest little shooting sports shows in the world. Hunters and shooters are definitely welcome. Join us in Long Beach and Del Mar for our events. CS 

Editor’s note: Bart Hall is general manager of the Fred Hall Shows. For more, check out, like at facebook
.com/TheFredHallShows, and follow on Instagram (@officialfredhallshows).