Pay attention, Golden State hunters and shooters …

It’s been roughly two months since the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary – a very anxious, fractious, sobering two months.

Because of print deadlines and the holiday schedule, the January issue of California Sportsman required a super-quick Editor’s Note that I cranked off without really having an opportunity to chime in as the Second Amendment debates began to flare.  That’s probably a good thing, because as was evident in that last Note, my reaction would’ve likely been over-reactionary and pretty well flavored with emotion.

Somewhat cooler heads now prevail, and it’s time to take an honest, logical, productive look at the layers that surround this most personal of issues.

Clearly, this is not a black-and-white discussion, and not one that will be played out quietly. The President has put into motion a $500 million proposal that’s been hailed as “the most sweeping effort at gun control policy reform in a generation.” This in addition to more than 20 executive actions aimed at sturdier background checks, mental health guidelines and gun safety as a whole.

This is a matter that will occupy discussion at the highest levels of government for months to come.

Pay attention! It’s absolutely critical that it’s given adequate time and care by American gun owners, all of whom should be prepared to join the debate. They also should be prepared to filter through an avalanche of media misinformation about gun violence – one of the most popular online news sites identified grenade launchers as gear available for purchase at SHOT in Las Vegas! – and to help their friends and neighbors do the same.

We exist in a state with rigorous, unique gun control statutes, and in an environment where the Second Amendment is under siege almost constantly (Google “Barbara Boxer on gun control” for some … eh … interesting reading).

Whether you lean slightly right or slightly left, become a frequent surfer to the NRA website ( and to other sites like the Gun Owners of California (, and Be aware of the issues and of the tone of conversations about gun safety and Second Amendment restrictions

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