Yosemite Bruin Goes On Wild Waterfall Ride

This bear in Yosemite National Park got quite the thrill ride recently. Video was shot of the bruin getting caught in the current and got a free whitewater excursion.

Here’s Grind TV with more:

As he was filtering his morning water, Yosemite backpacker Chas Davis became aware of an adolescent-sized black bear that had hopped into Falls Creek apparently attempting to get to the other side.

Davis, standing with two other backpackers to give strength in numbers since there was another bear nearby, began videotaping the swimming bear from a bridge located near Vernon Lake about a 10-mile hike from the Hetch Hetchy trailhead. …

“Having crossed the same stream in a different spot the night before when the flow was lower, I’m impressed and amused knowing how cold and strong the current is,” Davis told ViralHog, which shared his comments with GrindTV.

“I of course assume the bear is fully aware of this too and knows what it is doing; [it’s] why I start laughing when I initially realize it’s fighting hard against the current. Obviously my amusement turns to nervous laughter as it starts getting drug toward me—still assuming it’s going to be strong enough to pull itself out but feeling better about my own shortcomings in the stream.”

While the video makes it look bad for the bear, Davis happily announced he saw the bear get out of the water a short ways downstream.