Yes, J.D. went there: “Mythbusters,” fishing guide version, tests out the power of pop (soda)

Science at work! Courtesy
Science at work! Courtesy

By Joel Shangle /Editor

File this away under “Damn, I always wanted to try that!”

CS contributor and blog buddy J.D. Richey put a good ol’ urban myth to the test recently. The legend in question: can soda pop really clean your fishing tools? J.D. was posed that question by a surfer of his blogsite,

“Hey JD, can you really clean rust off a set of pliers with a can of pop?”

Well, Tom, at first I read your question wrong and thought I saw and extra “o” in the word “pop.” Eeewwww!

But then I re-read it and realized my error…phew! Oh…pop (soda to us in California)…I’m with ya now! As a matter of fact, a few years back, another guide I know had told me that the chemical agents in soda would indeed eat the rust right off but I had never gotten around to trying it until you wrote in. Here’s what I found…

Check out the final results of this scientific opus here!