Wily Coyote Kicks It On Patio Couch In S.F.

The quiet streets of stay-at-home San Francisco during the Covid pandemic brought out plenty of coyotes to the streets in the otherwise bustling neighborhoods. As it turns out, some of these wild animals haven’t gotten the memo that the City is busy again. So one desert dog stopped at one patio couch to take a (probably much-needed) break. Check out video from above via KTLA TV, and here’s more from KRON 4 in San Francisco:

As it turns out, the coyote was just super comfortable lounging on plush furniture and was in good health, Animal Care & Control San Francisco Officer Mullen said.

Mullen wrote, “I was called out to a residence to check on one of my favorite species of San Francisco urban wildlife, a coyote. The animal was reluctant to move when the resident approached.” …

The coyote was “comfortably resting on a couch. I approached the coyote and started talking to him, telling him that it was time to get up. He looked at me, got up, took a big stretch and made his way to the edge of the yard. He was moving appropriately and did not appear sick or injured. The coyote looked like a young healthy male that was probably recently kicked out of his den and was trying to make his way through the city,” Mullen wrote.