Wildlife Officers Pursuing Massive Black Bear After Series Of Tahoe Incidents

As California’s black bear hunting seasons are under assault by the Humane Society to be canceled, one Lake Tahoe-area bear is being pursued by California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers for breaking into houses and is considered a problem bear. After more recent incidents, it’s likely CDFW will have to kill the animal if it catches the animal. Here’s the latest from KPIX in San Francisco:

He’s well-known and is now wanted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. A spokesperson said the bear has damaged dozens of homes and is responsible for more than 150 calls.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife have been trying to track and trap Hank for more than six months. 

“These are neighborhoods, there’s a lot of people around, traffic and cars. So, we have to do this in a way that is safe for both the public and the bear itself,” explained spokesperson Peter Tira. “This is a severely food habituated bear. What that means is this is a bear that has lost all fear of people and it sees people and homes as a source of food.”