What do think of Spear Hunting?

Spear hunting has become quite a controversial subject lately.
This type of hunting has been done since the beginning of mankind.
Hunter is pitted against beast with the most primitive of weapons.
Watch this video and decide for yourself what your stance is on spear hunting.

CBC Edmonton shared on Facebook quite an interesting video on the subject of spear hunting.

Spear hunting sounds primitive but lately has come under fire from some who feel it is too brutal. Spear hunter Michel Blanchett has been spear hunting for 7 years. He claims this primitive way of hunting is the most ethical as it pits you against your game at close range with one throw to get your game. This type of hunting is for the elite hunter.

This allows game to have a better chance against a hunter than it would against a long distance rifle shooter or even a modern archery armed hunter.

What is your stance on spear hunting? Check the facts before you make too rash of a decision based on someone’s ill conceived belief over actual reality.

by Eric Nestor
Source: CBC Edmonton Facebook, Michael Blanchett