Wolf Ammunition: guaranteed performance

Wolf AmmoWOLF Ammunition guarantees their line of precision ammunition like no other — all come with a 100 percent performance guarantee! WOLF Ammo is offered in calibers for hunting, target shooting, competition, and plinking.

You will find WOLF Performance Ammunition Centerfire rifle and pistol, cartridges offered as WPA Polyformance, WPA Military Classic, and WOLF Gold (reloadable brass).

NEW FOR 2013: Announcing the GRENDEL 6.5 Steel Case FMJ 110 GR. with WOLF’S Combat Coating

WOLF Rimfire is one of the tightest and best-grouping rimfire cartridges available in the world. Using the highest quality brass and a proprietary manufacturing technique yields virtually no case variances which delivers unmatched accuracy. WOLF .22 Long Rifle comes in rounds of Match Target and Match Extra.

WOLF Performance Ammunition allows you to shoot more and spend less!

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