Well Armed means to be Prepared

Whether you’re a survivalist or into guns, the point is to be Prepared

The main reason the survival movement has further adopted the moniker “prepper” is to promote the whole idea of planning in advance for any SHTF that might happen. Now, to be clear, some survivalists are not preppers and some preppers are not survivalists. It is the perfect storm for semantics. My daughter would reply the ubiquitous “whatever.”

Whichever you are, the day will come when some event will cause you a whole series of inconvenient circumstances from catastrophic events like a hurricane or a tornado that might actually destroy your domicile or, at the very least, cause you to have to evacuate for a time, maybe forever. Are you ready for that?

Maybe it is an economic crisis when the banks close and refuse you access to your money. Remember Greece? It could be another fabricated reason to riot over the death of some thug once again breaking the law and the threat was confronted by legally authorized law enforcement. Any excuse to rob, riot, rape, steal, and protest. Even if the professional protesters are bussed in from outside. Remember Baltimore? What they could leave behind is your burned out neighborhood to rebuild. Remember Ferguson?

Whatever your personal stance, politics, or survival orientation, the bottom line is to be well armed and well prepared. Otherwise, you will be dependent on somebody else to help you evacuate (remember the Government busses in New Orleans that never showed up?), or somebody else to feed you. Worse yet, you and your family may be the ones victimized by outsiders that come down your street to take your stuff. It could even be the neighbors you don’t even know.

So, start now to initiate the process to care for yourself. This means learning to prep by study, research, and practice. It means to start making lists on supplies to buy, trade, or acquire. This includes learning survival skills. It means to arm yourself and your family on the basics of self-defense, property protection, and offense initiation if necessary. This likely means the acquisition of firearms, ammo, and gear, then learning to use them.

But that is not the end all. Being well prepared means to have water, food, and supplies to sustain yourself for a variety of time frames. It means to plan for a bug in or a bug out. Being well armed and well prepared will get you through.

Story by Dr Johns