Close Encounter with a Leopard

Watch how close this Leopard comes to ripping this hunter apart

This video posted by Merelize van der Merwe on his facebook page highlighting the close encounter with a leopard. This leopard came within inches of ending the hunter’s life.

True there isn’t any leopard hunting in Cali, but you may come across a cougar. Hunting any type of cats is very dangerous, but after seeing footage like this, it might just be the deadliest.

This is why following up on any big 5 will make you think about your funeral… Pure African adrenalin!!!!

Posted by Merelize van der Merwe

So I guess, if you’re into this type of adrenaline pumping hunt, this is it. So imagine being there in a similar environment. Dogs barking, your adrenaline is pumping and you know that cat is hiding somewhere in the brush watching you.

Yet you continue on, step by step, closing in on what you know is a beast that could easily take your life with one accurate strike.

… and then you hear it!

The deepest roar that rumbles in your chest and makes your soul quiver, and without time to hesitate the leopard is in your face, leaping directly at you in full attack.

It’s do or die now.

Luckily, this hunter had his rifle ready and even uses the barrel as a barrier between himself and the big cat, then manages to squeeze off a life-shot. After a couple more shots to guarantee it’s over, they rejoice.

I can only imagine the relief, excitement, and adrenaline high these hunters just experienced.

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by Blake Ragsdale revised by CalSports

Source: Facebook, Merelize van der Merwe