Vote Coming With Potential To Remove Four Klamath River Dams

Copco Dam photo courtesy of California Trout.

As the probability to remove four Klamath River dams and thus open up valuable habitat for anadromous fish, the next step to this process could come in upcoming vote of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Here’s more from the Daily Kos:

Dam removal on the Klamath will open up over 240 stream-miles of salmon and steelhead habitat that has been blocked to fish migration for over 100 years. The project, the largest of its kind in U.S. history, is funded by dam owner PacifiCorp and a voter-approved California bond measure.

Frankie Myers, Vice Chair of the Yurok Tribe, said in a tweet, “Klamath Dam removal is on the agenda for the November 17 FERC meeting. With approval next week it marks the last major regulatory hurdle to begin deconstruction. The largest dam removal in US HISTORY!”

“After 20 years of action dam removal can begin in 2023 and will be finished in 2024, if FERC approves next week,” said Regina Chichizola, co-director of Save California Salmon. “This is one of the final permits and decisions needed for dam removal, and is the most important approval.”