Valley Anglers Gain More San Joaquin River Fishing Access

The once powerful San Joaquin River would eventually become a shell of itself. In fact, in 2016 American Rivers ranked the San Joaquin the nation’s second most threatened river. So any good news that comes out of the Central Valley regarding the San Joaquin is welcomed. As Fresno’s ABC 30 reports, a stretch of the river will be now open daily with fishing access:

You can now enjoy a popular fishing spot along the San Joaquin River seven days a week. …

“This site, that we call Sycamore Island, is 600 acres of open space,” says San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust Executive Director Sharon Weaver. “It has six miles of trails that you can enjoy, waking, bicycling, riding your horses, walking your dogs, taking your children out, and allowing them to explore the San Joaquin River.”