Troutfest coming to Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, one of the playgrounds for Southern California residents looking for a mountain retreat, hosts its ninth annual TroutFest Derby from Oct. 5-6. Alan Sharp of Big Bear Marina (909-866-3218; says up to 1,000 anglers will be competing for trophies and merchandise.

“Of each angler’s entry fee, $15 of that goes toward fish plants. We’ll be putting in big plants for that,” Sharp said. “Plus Big Bear Municipal Water District has been rearing fish in pens that have been there since last October so they’re acclimated to the lake and growing big and fat. They’ll beĀ  released, and then we’ll restock those pens to rear fish for next year’s event.”

Sharp said TroutFest is the biggest of three derbies the lake has throughout the year.
Here’s a look at some of last year’s TroutFest scenes.

Big Bear 2 IMG_0221


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