Tragic Reported Waterfowl Hunting Accident In Yolo County, As Father Killed By Son In Shooting

KCRA footage

The above video is courtesy of KCRA TV in Sacramento. A 13-year-old boy fatally shot his father in what is believed to be a tragic accident. Here’s more from KCRA reporter Michelle Bandur:

There’s no way to say what happened, we weren’t there and are just wondering how, why,” said Matt Jones. “It’s rough.”

Yolo County Sheriff’s detectives investigated the shooting. 

“The way that the call was placed and the totality of the circumstances, it appears to be a very tragic accident,” said Det. Matt Wirick. 

Wirick said the boy told dispatchers his gun accidentally went off while in the duck blind, hitting his father. He started performing CPR on his dad.

Condolences to the family and loved ones.