Too Close for Comfort

Wild boar hunting is an extreme sport and can be quite dangerous and meant only for the thrill seeking hunters and sharpest shooters.

The following video below shows these hunters really taking this close quarter shooting at a really close distance. The problem is that these guys were pulling it in ways that most would deem unsafe.

Tell that to the boar about to bite their face’s off!

Check these mad pigs out:


Yes, its true that in the video just about every “safe shooting rule” in the book was thrown out the window while trying to get a shot at the charging boar.

From the perspective of the hunter when a wild boar is charging. There isn’t any place to hide, and you have a loaded gun in your hands you may not be thinking too clearly either!

In any event this is a animal that most know is a very dangerous animal and not to be taken lightly. Just make sure that you work out a system that your hunting partner isn’t too close to you, like in the video. Mishap can occur, be safe.

by Craig Raleigh revised by Calstaff

Source: Antler Addicts Facebook