Spring Will Be Lightning Round At Lake Jennings


Photo courtesy of Lake Jennings

By Chris Cocoles on Oct. 22

They are not quite as outrageous as the “Austin Powers”-inspired “sharks with frickin lazor beams attached to their heads“, and there is no evidence of ill-tempered mutated sea bass in any of the Lake Jennings “lightning trout” that will be stocked in the San Diego-area trout fishery. But these seem like pretty funky fish for Jennings anglers to catch.

Lightning trout will be stocked in Jennings twice in the spring. These are essentially rainbows, but with a twist: with vertical stripes and a golden color to them.

“People are really interested in them,” says David Acevedo, the head ranger at Jennings. “They’re just a unique strain of fish. The thing with them is, they do grow a little slower. That’s one reason for us putting them later in the early spring. They really have to get to a good size. They are great fish. They’ll bring a lot of excitement, and it’s going to be nice to have something a little different. But they’re the same as the Sierra bows. The (lightning trout) are a good fishing fish.”

As the Nov. 1 trout opener approaches, Jennings will be receiving almost weekly plants of more traditional rainbows from the Mt. Lassen hatchery.

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