Steelheading On The Trinity Peaking Now

Kirk Portocarrero of with this report on the Trinity River’s outstanding steelhead fishing: Fishing Update
Trinity River Steelhead – 9 pounds, 28 inches
Trinity River Fishing
  Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to give you an update on Northern California fishing for the month
of March.
For those of you that are wanting to steelhead fish, the Trinty River steelhead
run is now taking off now! We are getting rain we need, and it is helping this
winter steelhead run, look at these huge steelhead !
        (February 26, 2014- 12 pounds, 31 inches Trinity River Steelhead)
We will be fishing for the Trinity River for Steelhead until March 21st.
We are fly fishing and spin fishing for these steelhead, we can accommodate
any angler.
 REMEMBER:   We are also fly fishing the Sacramento River for
Rainbow trout daily. WE FISH EVERY DAY. 
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Thank you. Sincerely,
 Pro Guide & Outfitter Kirk Portocarrero