Squirrel Escapes Death from Hawk by Ejecting

Blast off! Watch as this squirrel leaps from tree and escapes from being this hawk’s lunch.

Many scenarios in life require the fight or flight instinct. It is pretty clear which one this squirrel chose in his near death experience.

This brown squirrel went from being dead meat to a flying squirrel in a matter of seconds. Like something out of a movie, it looks as if the squirrel hit Inspector Gadget’s ejector button as he launches from the greenery and into the blue sky.

The squirrel lives to see another day and is telling all his squirrel buddies what he pulled off today.

Squirrels are sometimes just plain crazy. Sitting in the deer woods, they can drive you nuts and also entertain you as well. From just my own experiences I have seen squirrels fight on ice, throw nuts at me, and I even watched one jump from the top of a 70 foot tree to the forest floor and survive.

This video is nothing but another piece of evidence that these little things are crazy.

As for the hawk, we are sure he will hold on to his next meal a little tighter.

by Colton Bailey
Source: John Dunstan Youtube