Some Opposition Emerges To Proposed RoadKill Bill

Photo by U.S. Dept. Transportation./Chuck Bartlebaugh


A few months ago, the Sacramento-area state senator Bob Archuleta (D) proposed a bill that follows the lead of other Western states that permits motorists to salvage the meat of roadkill wild game they hit.

But as is usually the case when a bill gets introduced, there’s bound to be some opposed to it, as Sacramento’s CBS TV affiliate reports.  

In the story, the California Fish and Game Warden’s Association is among the agencies raising questions about Archuleta’s bill:

  • Express serious concern about allowing “unlicensed, untrained, and unregulated citizens to engage in the killing of injured roadside wildlife” particularly the safety issue raised by firearms being used on the side of the road which conflicts with existing state law.
  • Express concern about the general public putting themselves at risk by stopping and exiting a vehicle on the side of the road in order to procure the roadkill.
  • State that the proposed roadkill permitting process would “complicate and frustrate” existing wildlife protection laws and regulations, and make the
    apprehension of those illegally possessing wildlife or poaching more difficult than it is already.