Some California Lakes Open, Some Closed To Fishing

The Stockton Record has some details on what lakes are closed and which ones are open (for now):

“We are continuing to plant trout, but have canceled all the fishing in the city events, and may cancel some plants in very small waters that if planted may make it difficult to follow social distance guidelines,” said Jay Rowan, CDFW Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor. “We are also trying our best to identify any waters that are being closed to the public so we don’t plant those.”

Lakes and reservoirs still open to fishing include Amador, Berryessa, Folsom, New Melones, New Hogan, Oroville, Rancho Seco, San Luis, Shasta and Salt Springs Reservoir.

Closed lakes and reservoirs include Camanche, Clear Lake (and other Lake County lakes), Collins, Del Valle, Don Pedro, Los Vaqueros, McClure/McSwain, Modesto, Pardee, Rollins, Sonoma, Scotts Flat, Turlock and Woodward.

Reporter Dan Bacher adds that anyone planning to fish at these lakes should not only use social distancing but confirm that these lakes will remain open to fishing before heading out.