Smoking Pests with a .25 Caliber Air Rifle

All Air Rifles are not created equal.

If you’re not familiar with air rifles than take a look at what Ted HoldOver has done from his bathroom.


Ted uses a .25 caliber air rifle, and it has the power and precision to make a lasting impression.

Watch and see what a high powered .25 caliber FX Impact air rifle can accomplish on pests.

Remember shooting starlings with that old pump up pellet rifle as a kid? Well times have changed, my friend.

Air rifles have gotten extremely powerful in both speed and projectile size. Youtuber Ted’s HoldOver uses a FX Impact air rifle chambered for a big boy of the air rifle world, the .25 caliber.

Watch and see what great precision and power the new air rifles have to offer and their impacts on pests all caught in slow motion. You certainly will be impressed, watch.

by Eric Nestor
Source: Ted’s Holdover Youtube, Facebook