Shooting a Running Boar

See legendary boar hunter Franz-Albrecht Oettingen shoot a running boar

Shooting a running boar requires special marksmanship skills, similar to shooting waterfowl or clay pigions. If you want to see some top notch skills in shooting a moving object, where you have to lead your aim at various speeds and range. Take a look at this video of Franz-Albrecht Oettingen hitting this running boar.

Looks like Franz is sporting a Sauer 202 (not sure though, if anyone knows please correct) with Aimpoint red dot, see the quick sight acquisition and lead, as well as the Blaser straight pull bolt action allows rapid follow up done with efficiency.

This guy is awesome and could possibly one of the best in the world when it comes to hitting a moving target.

Source: La Caza Espanola Facebook, Swedenthefirst Youtube,