Shaver Lake’s Reopening Sparks College Memories

Ah, Shaver Lake. I miss you. When I was in college at Fresno State I probably didn’t get up there to fish as often as I did. But the times I did go up there on a Saturday or Sunday to get up to the Sierra and wet a line in that beautiful spot about an hour from Fresno. But comparing the two places meant the trip seemed so much further away.

But the times I took the drive were so memorable. I can’t remember a Shaver Lake day where I didn’t catch at least a single trout or – in one memorable experience – a catfish that was still alive and well in our cooler when my buddy and I got back to our dorm room on campus.

Anyway, I’ve written about my Shaver experiences in the magazine’s Editor’s Note in the past so I won’t dive too deep into them again. But it’s nice to know that an old friend is getting back into business amid the coronavirus pandemic. When you can, get it up to Shaver and cast a line. It’s a beautiful place to get away from it all. And stay safe.