Sharpshooters Dangerous Training

Possible friendly fire

Incredibly those team mates are holding targets down range as the shooters fire at them with rifles.

Witness one of the worst shooting videos that lacks any gun safety.

This tactical team puts the safety of their members in jeopardy. They are used as human target stands.

Teammates line up down range and appear to hold balloons as targets. Rifle shooters take aim and shoot the targets from the very hands of their team mates.

How many fingers are they holding up now? Well hopefully all of them but who is to know from this serious case of bad gun safety ever caught on video.

Anyways that’s one point of view and yes in the eyes of NRA safety, yes, its very bad. However, we do understand that this type of training also instills confidence for this foreign military unit.

by Eric Nestor and CalStaff

Source: U.S. Army 4 Life Facebook