Shark Attack Forces Manhattan Beach Fishing Shutdown

Photo by Wayne Hoggard, NOAA
Photo by Wayne Hoggard, NOAA


Sharks are in the news, and unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. For some reason, the SyFy TV “event” Sharknado became a thing via social media, again proving our downfall as rational human beings. And now get ready for Sharknado 2 (catch the trailer here, if you have a minute-and-a-half of your life you won’t mind giving up to watch this; but give it up to top-billed stars and Sharknado veterans Ian Ziering and Tara Reid for finding a niche again and striking while the iron is hot).

On a more serious note, the recent shark attack in Manhattan Beach has prompted the popular Southern California coastal community to extend a fishing ban on the popular pier.

From NBC Los Angeles:

The fishing ban at the Manhattan Beach Pier is expected to last 60 days, the maximum allowed time under the California Coastal Act. A newly posted sign at the pier says that fishing will be banned until Sept. 7.

“For the protection of all beachgoers, we did a time out to investigate what happened,” Manhattan Beach Mayor Pro Tem Wayne Powell said. “Maybe it’s separating swimmers and surfers from the fishing activity. Maybe it’s banning the type of bait, we don’t know yet.” 

A juvenile 7-foot white shark bit 50-year-old swimmer Steve Robles at the Manhattan Beach Pier on Saturday as it was fighting to free itself from a fishing line cast from the pier.

Check your local listings on the Sharknado 2 thing.