Seeking Action From California Hunters And Anglers

Photo by Scott Haugen
Photo by Scott Haugen

Reaction to a recent Los Angeles Times report that continued to question the makeup of the California Fish and Game Commission and its support of the state’s hunters is gaining steam.

Representatives of California’s Safari Club International issued a press release with the title: CALIFORNIA: A CALL TO ACTION HELP SAVE OUR HUNTING AND FISHING!!!

Here’s a portion of the press release:

The time is now for sportsmen and the public in general to collectively voice their strong objections to the commission/department trend in recent years of managing wildlife by emotion and unfounded opinion rather than by science and the sound principles of good wildlife management. Taking action now could make a big difference in reversing this dangerous trend and prevent further erosion of our outdoor recreational heritage.

The release goes onto encourage sportsmen and -women to read the Times report and voice concerns in the comment section.  It also suggests that hunters and anglers reach out to California Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris and explain the concerns that hunters might have.

As soon as hunting advocate  Jim Kellogg announced  he would step down from his post on the five-member commission last winter, the Fish and Game Commission has been under fire for replacing the pro-hunting commission members with more conservation-leaning replacements.