San Gabriel Mountains Hiker Attacked By Bear

One of the best parts about living in California – even living in a large metro area – is the proximity to the wilderness. But that can bring with it some dangers as well, as a hiker discovered during a bear encounter. 

Here’s the L.A. Times with more:

The hiker was alone when he said a bear appeared ahead of him in the middle of the trail and stood on its hind legs, DFW spokesman Andrew Hughan said. The hiker told authorities the bear was taller than him, meaning it was a full grown adult, Hughan said.

A few seconds after the bear stood up, the hiker was surprised to see a second animal.

“He did not see a second bear off to his left who came up and started attacking him,” Giannone said.

The attack lasted a few seconds. “But I’m sure it felt a lot longer,” Hughan said.

The man fought off the bear. Both bears then ran away, and the man got up to return to the trailhead. 

The hiker suffered “several cuts and scratches and possible puncture wounds,” Hughan said.

Two game wardens were in the area searching for the bear. If authorities find the animal and determine it is the bear responsible for the attack, it will be euthanized in accordance with department policy, officials said.