The Safety Shot App

Using Technology to stay safe in the woods.

Hunter safety is something we bring up a lot because it’s something that is way too often overlooked.

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the excitement of the hunt and forget about some of the fundamental safety rules of hunting. That’s where the Safety Shot app comes in, it’s an app that works easily with your cell phone or tablet to keep you and all of your fellow hunting buddies up to date on exactly what’s going on in the woods.


While using the Safety Shot app you and your hunting buddies can constantly update each other with exact coordinates of where you are in the woods, which direction you are moving or hunting, and the app will automatically update everyone and even warn you if you are hunting in a direction that someone else already is.


The app is really easy to set up and it allows you input information about what you are hunting, current plans for the hunt, and group identifiers so that you can make sure that everyone in the area is included in the hunting map.

It also has a great alert feature for those who are hunting alone. You can set up the app before you go so that at the touch of a button it will send an emergency alert to an individual of your choosing. This alert will contain vital information such as the exact time and location at the time the emergency message is sent. This can be life saving in a true emergency situation.


You can download the Safety Shot app for both Android and iOS devices.

Story by Chris Buckner

Source: Youtube