S.F. Man Cited For Shark Fin Possession

Shark fin soup has become one of the most controversial food-related items due to the perceived inhumane treatment of sharks coveted for the Asian food delicacy. Action movie star Jackie Chan recently spoke out against the treatment of sharks that have had their fins cut while alive.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers revealed a citation for a San Francisco resident for possession of shark fins with the intent to sell.

Here’s the complete CDFW release:

Wildlife officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recently cited a San Francisco man for possession of shark fins for sale.

On Jan. 29, wildlife officers conducted a fish business inspection on Kwong Yip, Inc. out of San Francisco, and found what appeared to be shark fins for sale on the premises. It is unlawful to possess shark fin for sale in California. They cited the owner, Michael Kwong, age 42, of San Francisco for the violation. As part of the investigation, wildlife officers seized 2,138 lbs. of product believed to be shark fin. Ongoing analysis is required to verify that all of the seized product is actually shark fin.

Fish and Game Code (FGC) 2021, the law that prohibits possession of shark fin for sale, went into effect in 2011, but included a phase in period to allow restaurants and other businesses to sell off remaining stock. As of Jul. 1, 2013, no person may possess shark fin for sale.