Reaction To White House’s Oil Drilling Statement

“The Conductor”/Wikimedia


Today, the Trump Administration announced plans to essentially allow offshore drilling in almost all federal waters. Here are some reactions involving California waters.

California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris:

State Rep. Grace Napolitano:

The governors of three West Coast states, including Jerry brown, released the following statement:

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, California Governor Jerry Brown and Oregon Governor Kate Brown today issued this joint statement following announcement that the U.S. Department of Interior would seek to open the Pacific Coast to oil and gas offshore drilling for the first time in decades:

“This political decision to open the magnificent and beautiful Pacific Coast waters to oil and gas drilling flies in the face of decades of strong opposition on the part of Washington, Oregon and California – from Republicans and Democrats alike.

“They’ve chosen to forget the utter devastation of past offshore oil spills to wildlife and to the fishing, recreation and tourism industries in our states. They’ve chosen to ignore the science that tells us our climate is changing and we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. But we won’t forget history or ignore science.

“For more than 30 years, our shared coastline has been protected from further federal drilling and we’ll do whatever it takes to stop this reckless, short-sighted action.”

Here’s the San Francisco-based Golden Gate Salmon Association:

“Looks like salmon fishermen can expect 2018 to be a year of trying to hold the line against destruction of California salmon by the federal government.  Last week the federal Bureau of Reclamation declared war on our Central Valley salmon stocks by moving to greatly increase water diversions from Central Valley rivers and the Delta to agribusiness in the Western San Joaquin Valley.  Today we hear from the White House that our coastal salmon fishing grounds are being targeted for neighborhood blight in the form of offshore oil rigs. When does their war on salmon fishing families end?”

From the other perspective, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke were excited: