RaddLock makes semi-auto rifles California-compliant

RaddLock's easy-to-install kits quickly make your off-list semi-automatic rifle "California compliant.".

RaddLock makes easy-to-install-yourself kits that make your off-list semi-automatic centerfire rifles California-compliant, turning them into “fixed magazine” rifles, which are not subject to the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989.

RaddLock’s design philosophy is to make these kits as unobtrusive as possible and fully-reversible so that you can enjoy both the form and function of your rifle as it was meant to be.

RaddLock is a design and manufacturer of California firearm compliance products such as Magazine Lock devices, Magazine conversion blocks, and Single Shot Pistol Conversion Kits. We make magazine lock device for firearms such as AR, AK, HK, FNH, and many more.

We currently do not sell directly to the public, but our products can be found in many retail firearm shops that sell to California, such as Riflegear (Fountain Valley, CA), Sacramento Black Rifle (Sacramento, CA), Parallax Tactical (San Diego, CA), and Atlantic Firearms (Bishopville, MD). You can visit www.raddlock.com for more dealer locations and product information.

All RaddLock products come with lifetime warranty against manufacture defect.

Our most popular product is the AR RaddLock BDE-701. Our priority on this product as with all our other products is form and function. It is designed around the shape of the original magazine release button with CA compliance feature in mind. It comes in 4 different colors: Black, Red, OD, and FDE. Installation and removal is simple with the use of the included key tool or any standard small flathead screwdriver. All of our products are manufactured in California.

Information: www.RaddLock.com, or email sales@RaddLock.com for more information.