Web profile: Baublit Custom Box Calls


Jim Baublit with a turkey taken with one of his dad's custom box calls. (Photo courtesy Baublit Custom Box Calls)

I have been making custom turkey calls for seven years and hunting turkeys for 35 years. I spend about 30 to 35 days hunting turkeys each year, spring and fall. The rest of the year is spent making custom turkey calls.

I hunt turkeys in several states each year and I have found that turkeys act pretty much the same no matter which state or sub-species you are hunting.

I like to carry at least two different types of calls with me into the woods because sometimes you are going to run into an old gobbler that just doesn’t respond well to one call but may come running to the other one.

I particularly like tube calls for fall hunting because you can make a great “Kee-Kee” on a tube.

I specialize in box calls, pot calls and tube calls, featuring my frying pan copper pot call and my checkered and inlayed box calls. The frying pan copper pot call paired with one of my acrylic tipped strikers makes the call usable on those rainy days.

Information: www.bbcustomboxcalls.com