Polymer or Metal Frame Handguns?

What’s your preference when it comes to handguns, would you use a polymer or metal frame? Here’s an excerpt from 1911 on their sentiment:

Ever since getting my 1911’s I just can’t seem to really like a Polymer Gun. I’ll admit, I’ve owned every popular Glock there is and an M&P Shield and M&P 45 Mid length. But at the end of the day they just never shot as good or felt as good as a 1911 to me. I sold my Range Officer Compact to buy my M&P’s to have more options and capacity and I’m just wanting to sell them and go back to a 1911 for EDC. Am I the only one who feels like. I’m not bashing Polymers, like I’ve said I’ve had Glocks and M&P’s but i can shoot my 1911’s just so much better.

NO you are not alone. Some of the polymer framed guns feel slippery to me. Others have a better grip surface and feel better of course. But one needs to try out different guns and see how they feel in your hands. One person may like it another may not. Fortunately, they do have many different guns that are different in subtle ways such as the grip feel in one’s hands.

Different guns have different purposes. I like double stack polymers that combine high mag capacity, light weight, and rails for accessories. I also like polymers for pocket carry. In a SHTF scenario I’ll always turn to a gun that doubles what my largest capacity 1911 accepts. I also don’t feel like I have to be particularly protective of my plastic guns, they are generally cheaper than any of my 1911s, and they are not as sensitive to moisture from sweat. While I shoot my 1911s better, that is not my only consideration for whether I “like” a particular type of gun.

I’m partially with you. I dislike striker action trigger pulls. As for polymer guns, I really like the CZ P07 and the H&K USP. As for collecting. Polymer lacks the style and classy look of metal framed guns.

Funny you should post this. After weeks of shooting steel framed guns–mostly 1911s, we decided to have a plastic fantastic day on the range for my wife and I. Usually I shoot them well. NOt yesterday though. It took some adjustment to get poa=poi. we must use them more. we have these guns( shield for her, either a walther ccp or a glock 19 for me+ I added a SA xds 3.3 9mm ) jut have to include one in the range bag each session I am not one to give up on a gun I enjoy shooting.

What’s your choice and experience with either handguns?

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