A Pig with Blue Fat

Shot a pig with blue fat

A man from Morgan Hill, CA posted about how he shot a pig on their ranch and noticed that it had blue fat. They did not start cutting open the pig until they had strapped it to the ATV and driven back home so most of the blood has left the pigs body at this point. They have also shot wild pigs on the ranch before and none of them have been blue.


They are sending in a sample to UC Davis to see the cause of this. A spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told the Morgan Hill Times experts have “occasionally” seen cases where wild pigs have exhibited “similar discoloration of their insides.” “In those cases, it was determined the affected animals had likely consumed chemicals that contained a blue dye,” they said.
“Pigs eat pesticides and rodenticides, and it stains the fat of the pig,” Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan said. “We recommend not eating the animal, and you should try to dispose of it so it doesn’t get back into the environment.”


Source:Imgur & NBC bay area