Just when some of the statements coming out of PETA start to sound credible and well researched, this anti-fishing video pops up!

The only reason this video is getting shared in this post is to show you guys how absurd it is. Anyone that is familiar with fishing will tell you that this anti-fishing video is an exaggerated and overly propagated piece of garbage. I am sorry to have to put it so bluntly.

This video makes numerous claims that are unjustified and rather ridiculous. Instead of listening to me, why don’t you judge it for yourself.

Share this with your fishing buddies too, and see if they feel the same way!

I can only get about 10 seconds into that thing without laughing. However, let me clarify a few things.

There are lot of principles and statements that PETA makes that I think are spot on. After all, I think most people on the planet are all for the ethical treatment of animals. Statistically, very few people are out there completely abusing animals in grotesque ways.

With that said, for PETA to support this silly video as if it will suddenly change the mind of anglers everywhere. Nope. Sorry. That just isn’t they way its going to work.

by Jesse Males

Source: PETA Facebook, Jesse Males