Partial Reopening Of Pacifica Pier Offers Fishing Bliss For Locals

In February 2022, I wrote about rekindling some youthful memories of fishing at the Pacifica Pier just south of San Francisco.

Photo by Chris Cocoles

But after storm damage had closed the pier for almost six weeks, the pier has reopened partially this week, offering fishing locals a chance to get back out and drop a line or crab pot. Here’s more from ABC 7 Bay Area:

Joel Dacoron, founder of Vivid Snares & Fishing, remembers fishing on the pier when he was a child and his father would catch salmon. It’s become a getaway place and somewhere accessible.

“I had an injury. My dad has an injury, and it’s hard to go fishing on the beach. And the pier made it super easy for all of us,” Dacoron said.

Dacoron sells handmade crab snares, which are designed for the bait. He said the closure, not only affected those who fish for fun, but also those who rely on the business.

“It’s hard to be honest after the closure. It was hard for a lot of us to make enough sales,” Dacoron said.