One Dead In Fishing Boat Accident Off San Diego


On Saturday I headed down to Fresno to attend my alma mater Fresno State’s Homecoming game. At the tailgate party my friends put on for every home game, I always look forward to talking fishing with our friend Tom (the last game I attended, Tom brought some bluefin tuna he’d caught the previous weekend out of San Diego).

So when I spotted Tom sitting on an ice chest – where my beverages just happened to be – I immediately asked him if he’d fished recently. But Tom had some bad news. “Did you hear about the fishing boat that wrecked out to sea?” he told me.

Sure enough, the San Diego-based fishing vessel Prowler – Tom said one of his buddies had just gone on a trip withthe boat the previous week – collided with a luxury yacht 9 miles out at sea. Here’s more from San Diego’s CBS 8:

A yacht and a sportfisher collided offshore of Imperial Beach, and more than two dozen people had to be taken back to shore, U.S. Coast Guard officials said.

A person aboard the fishing boat had to be airlifted to a hospital, and the 27 others aboard both boats were taken back to San Diego.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Friday, the 332-foot yacht Attessa IV contacted Coast Guard Sector San Diego to report a collision with the Prowler, a 65-foot sportfisher, about nine miles off Imperial Beach, Coast Guard officials said. The collision caused multiple injuries and extensive damage to the starboard side of the Prowler.

Tragically, one of the injured was reported dead by San Diego’s ABC 10. 

Condolences to all the victims.