Officials Say A Wolf Killed Farm Cow In Lassen County

CDFW Photo

With California now without a doubt home to wolves,  the pack is predictably finding dining options, much to the chargin of Golden State ranchers.


For the first time in over a century, California officials confirmed the death of a state rancher’s livestock by wolf.

A heifer on a Lassen County ranch was attacked and killed by the Lassen Pack on Oct. 13, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed in a report.

Following an investigation of the 600-pound yearling carcass, Fish and Wildlife said that the “location and nature of the bite marks and the significant associated tissue hemorrhaging” were consistent with a wolf attack. The agency also identified wolf tracks and the evidence of a struggle near the decimated carcass, which was missing one leg, seven ribs and much of its neck. 

In September Fish and Wildlife investigated four other possible wolf depredations – or kills – on the same Lassen County ranch. One kill was ruled a “possible” wolf depredation, while the other cows’ causes of death were unknown.

 The ranch in question belongs to veteran rancher Wallace Roney, Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Jordan Traverso confirmed.