How not to Hold a Handgun

One of the many ways to shoot a handgun incorrectly

There certainly is and it might lead to injury. Youtuber Eatallthebirds shows us what can happen when you shoot handguns the wrong way.

Handguns are quite handy because of their small size. That small size can get you in trouble if you shoot them wrong.

This video starts out showing you what can happen if your hand is in front of a revolver cylinder and frame gap. Hot gases and even shaved bullet material can cause quite an injury. A piece of paper and a hot dog are stand ins for fingers in this gun safety test.

For semi-automatic pistols, the slide moves rapidly to the rear. If a thumb is in the way, you will certainly be hurting. Once again, a hot dog fills in the role of a badly placed thumb.

Use your head when you shoot handguns. Don’t let your fingers become like these hot dogs.

by Eric Nestor

Source: EatallBirds Youtube