Not Guilty Plea Entered In Bird Poaching Case

CDFW photo

The suspected birds of prey poacher in Northern California first charged last yearhas  entered a not guilty plea and will be back in court on March 4, according to the Sacramento Bee.  Here’s more from reporter Ryan Sabalow:

Richard Earl Parker, 68, entered his plea Feb. 4 at his arraignment in Lassen County Superior Court in Susanville. He faces 86 misdemeanor counts: one for each of the hawks, owls and other birds state game wardens have accused him of shooting on his property.

He faces two additional counts, one for allegedly killing or possessing bobcat carcasses without proper hunting permits and one for illegally possessing a mountain lion carcass. …

If convicted, Parker faces up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine per each count representing a dead raptor and $10,000 for the cougar.