Norwegian Fish Farming Company Planning A Humboldt County Location

A Norwegian fishing farming operation is heading West – namely to Humboldt County,  where Nordic Aquafarms Inc. will create a new facility. Here’s more from the Bangor Daily News in Maine, where the company also plans a facility to raise Atlantic salmon:

Nordic Aquafarms Inc., a Norwegian-based salmon company, announced Saturday that a subsidiary of the company, California Marine Investments, is entering into a land purchase agreement in Humboldt County, California, where it plans to build a land-based fish farm to raise either salmon or trout.

The report went onto say that the new California facility will have a budget of about $400 million to build, create around 80 new jobs and produce in the ballpark of 55 million pounds of fish each year.

Eureka’s North Coast Journal also had a report, citing a Boston Globe story from December that drew some opposition to the company’s Maine project by locals in Belfast, Maine, population 7,000. The Globe’s report stated locals feared pollution problems that could affect local waters.

Here’s a little more from the North Coast Journal’s report, where Humboldt County officials say this could be an economic windfall:

Local officials described the fish farm as a good fit for the region with the potential to provide additional economic benefits.

“Nordic Aquafarms is an innovator within their own industry,” said Scott Adair, the county’s director of economic development. “Their project will create opportunity to improve local job quality and career potential, add to the overall vibrancy of the community and enhance quality of life for our residents. We are very excited for the potential of this project.”