Tiger Muskie vs Trout

Talk about a mouth full

In the marine world where the bigger fish you are the better. This muskie with a famish appetite goes after a trout half his size. But then again, muskies will eat just about anything that swims near them, with no prejudice to size or species.

In this amazing footage below, a muskie tries to scarf down a big trout. The trout is much too big for the muskie to swallow, like snakes muskie don’t care. If i’st hungry, it eats now.

The video mentions its a northern pike, but some of our fish experts in the office seeing that the vertical stripes tells us its a “tiger muskie”. Tiger muskie are super aggressive northern pike.

Tiger muskie are northern fish are usually found in the Great Lakes region, Ohio and St. Lawrence Rivers and Upper Mississippi Valley. They’ll eat anything from a small perch to trout half their size.

Tiger muskie, and their true muskellunge cousins, are a bear to catch, so much so that they’re sometimes called “the fish of 10,000 casts.”

Some comments to the video:

While there’s debates in the Youtube comments whether that’s a Tiger Muskie or a Northern Pike (Feel free to sound off in the comments here!), I think we can all agree that’s a big dinner. This guy got a mouth full of un-killed sushi, and seems ready to fight to keep it. I kinda doubt it’s got enough room in it to hold the entire fish.

While this is certainly one way to rule the reef, some point out that the Muskie here now has no ability to spit the fish back out because of inward-facing teeth. I wonder how these guys manage to survive if they do this frequently?

Karma is a Bass!

Source: Done81 Youtuber