NorCal Big Game Hunter In Hot Water For Allegedly Smuggling Rare Asian Sheep Into U.S.

A big game hunter from Northern California could face a lengthy prison term after he an alleged illegal killing of rare sheep on a hunt in Pakistan and attempting to smuggle the animals into the U.S. and collaborated with a Pakistani outfitter. Here’s more from the Los Angeles Times:

Jason Keith Bruce, 49, of Galt, Calif., was also charged with making false statements and smuggling goods into the United States. Similar charges were handed down against Pir Danish Ali, 43, who runs a hunting outfitter and guide company in Pakistan. …

Talbert said in a news release that at least 25 hunters contracted Ali between 2013 and 2018, presenting forged documents to import at least 97 trophies into the United States.

The U.S. attorney’s office said Bruce paid Ali $50,000 to hunt a Ladakh urial, an endangered horned sheep, in Pakistan. The goal was to ultimately smuggle the trophy — either the entire body or a part — into the United States.

If convicted on all counts, Bruce could face a 26-year prison sentence.