Nomadic NorCal Wolf Found Dead In Shasta County

Wolf OR-54 was fouind dead in Shasta County. (USFWS)

Wolf OR-54, which took quite a journey in travels around Oregon and Northern California, had a sad ending when she was found dead in Shasta County. Hers is the state’s second wolf death in the last few months. Another wolf, OR-7, was shot to death in Modoc County in December.

Here’s more about the most recent wolf death from the San Jose Mercury News):

The state did not say whether she was killed or died naturally. It is the second wolf death in California, following the shooting of a young male wolf in rural Modoc County in December, 2, 2018.

The daughter of OR-7, the first gray wolf to cross into the state from Oregon in almost 90 years, she explored far beyond her father’s footsteps.

Wearing a radio collar, she covered an estimated 7,646 miles – farther than across the continental United States and back — after leaving her birthplace in Oregon. She was the fourth pup from Oregon’s “Rogue Pack” known to have spent time in the Golden State.