New Year’s Greetings

Is it really 2014 already? Apparently so. Here is a fishing update from our friend Butch Paddock down at Lake Cuyacama ( to ring in the new year:

We are half way through our waterfowl hunting season, and so far the ducks are still winning. Lots of different birds frequent the area……mallard, pintail, blue wing teal, cinnamon teal, green wing teal, shoveler, gadwell, widgeon, canvas back, red head, ringneck, buffle head, merganser, ruddy, and blue bill… mention a few. Weather is not co-operating, but the hunters are attending. The weather patterns are suppose to remain til the first part of 2014. “THE LAKE CUYAMACA JUNIOR WATERFOWL HUNT” IS SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 1ST. . To qualify just submit a postcard to the “Lake Cuyamaca Junior Waterfowl Hunt”. We need the age of the child, their license number, some contact information, and a little bit about themselves included in the postcard. Preferred ages are 12 to 16 years….some exceptions have been made depending on experience. We are also looking for guides and sponsors for the event. We are hoping that a full month’s notice will bring out some good hunters from the area. Blind draw prizes for each participant will be handed out. Please send the postcards to Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District, 15027 Highway 79, Julian, Ca. 92036.

The trout fishing has picked up considerably with limits taken……some larger fish are now coming out of the Lake. A 6 pounder was reeled in at Lone Pine yesterday along with a 5 pound 6 ounce caught over at the wooden dock at Chamber’s. We are open 7 days a week for fishing…..we even keep the north shore open during the waterfowl hunts…, stop by and enjoy the Lake……tight lines