Navy Seals Rescued From Capsized San Diego Fishing Boat

The above video, courtesy of San Diego’s ABC10 TV, chronicles a harrowing fishing trip off the San Diego coast for two Navy SEALs. Here’s more from the story:

Jason Rombotis, captain of the sportfishing boat known as the Pegasus, told 10News he was using high-tech binoculars to look for tuna when he saw someone waving three miles away. As the boat got closer, he noticed two people standing on an overturned boat.

The Pegasus crew tossed over some life vests and were able to rescue the SEALs. The men spent the rest of the day with the crew that rescued them, as the group finished their fishing excursion.

The best part of the story is the SEALs were content with the fishing boat party to finish their outing!