Multiple People Charged In Sacramento-Area Deer Poaching Operation

A major deer hunting poaching operation led to charges against at least six people in Nevada County, near the Sacramento area. Here’s more from the Sacramento Bee:

Led by one man, the complaint alleges that the group drove around at night through populated neighborhoods to poach deer with bows or rifles, using bright flashlights or car headlights to help target the animals. 

Using these methods, the six are alleged to have killed possibly dozens of mules and bucks within and outside the lawful season. The district attorney said the six defendents also engaged in a conspiracy to transfer and forge hunting tags and permits.

The complaint also alleges that the defendants wasted game meat by removing and selling valuable parts of the deer — such as head, hide, antlers and horns — and leaving behind the rest of deer carcasses.

The report says the case is expected to proceed in Nevada County in the coming weeks.