Mule Deer Image To Grace California’s 2024 Warden Stamp

The following press release is courtesy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

CDFW Chooses Prominent Wildlife Species for its 2024 Warden Stamp Series

For the past 13 years the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has used the Warden Stamp Program to help enhance resources for its Law Enforcement Division. The stamp has become a collectors’ item for people of all walks of life, and a way for the public to show support for CDFW wardens and their continued work to maintain the balance of the state’s many plants and animal species. Since the Program’s inception in 2010, the Warden Stamp has featured species like black bear, tule elk, sturgeon, spiny lobster and a bald eagle, just to name a few. For 2024, the Warden Stamp will feature one of the state’s most visible and widespread wildlife species: the mule deer.

“Species are selected for the Warden Stamp Program to represent California’s fish and wildlife populations and the people who support their conservation and management,” said Nathaniel Arnold, Acting Chief of the CDFW Law Enforcement Division. “The 2024 mule deer stamp symbolizes the important role this species plays in California’s wilderness landscape and their longstanding popularity with hunting and non-hunting Californians. The mule deer is the perfect addition to the Warden Stamp Program and its mission to support CDFW wildlife officers and their work.”

The 2024 stamp can be purchased for $5 and features a digital rendition of a tan and white buck (male deer) created by CDFW staff member, Sarah Guerere. The stamp is its usual warden shield shape, with a deep forest green background featuring the official warden shield and year. To view an image of the 2024 Warden Stamp, please visit

The mule deer stamp, along with past stamps, are available to purchase online, for $5. To purchase the stamp, scroll to bottom of the page and click “Continue as Guest.” Then click on “2023 Warden Stamps” under the Menu tab. To add the mule deer stamp to your cart, click on the line that reads “Warden Stamp Decal – 2024 Edition” and follow prompts to check out.

After you make your purchase, CDFW’s outreach team wants to hear and highlight the stories of the people who make this program a success. If you have a unique stamp story or want to share how or why you purchase a Warden Stamp each year, email for a chance to be highlighted in a future outreach campaign.

Since 1871, CDFW’s wildlife officers (wardens) have been dedicated to being the department’s “boots on the ground” when it comes to protecting California’s valuable natural resources like the mule deer. The Warden Stamp Program was created to address the need for better equipment and training for wardens.

Wildlife officers patrol on foot, by plane, boats, horseback and in a variety of vehicles. Although their objective of protecting California’s plants and animals remains the same, threats to native species are always evolving. From the growing threat of wildfires, drought and internet wildlife traffickers – CDFW’s wildlife officers continue their commitment to being stewards of the Golden State’s natural resources. Please continue to support wildlife officers and their mission by purchasing the 2024 Warden Stamp.

Thank you for your support!