Monster Striper Hen Caught In The Sac River

Billy Driessen holding up his 57.10-pound striped bass caught below Chico.


The following is courtesy of Driessen’s Guide Service:

This prespawn monster was caught April 7 around 6:30 P.M. using an 11-inch Hiroshima Customs Glidebait, paired with an 8-foot Elite Styx – SW Glide 9614 XXHeavy Mod/Fast 6-14oz and Okuma Komodo 463 bait casting reel with 100-pound Power Pro braided line. Countless hours of rod and bait development went into creating a one of a kind setup for chasing trophy stripers on a daily basis.

We found her hunting on a long sandy spawning flat with 3 to 8 feet of water behind a pair of large snags. At the bottom of the flat was immediate deep water access for her to retreat into after she was done feeding making it an ideal trophy striper spot. She charged the sub-surface bait roughly 15 feet away from the boat creating a wake like a Great White shark and by the time she exploded on the bait she was at the side of the boat, leaving four grown men squealing like school girls.

After the culmination of seven months straight chasing Trophy Stripers and having one of the greatest seasons I can remember it was at that point I realized we had stumbled on something pretty special.

The girth of the fish ended up being nearly 32 inches around, making her wider than the average striper is long.

All trophy stripers caught out of Driessen’s boat are cared for, properly revived, and released safely when the fish is ready so another angler has a chance to catch this once in a lifetime river monster in their back yard, right here in Norcal!

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